A story told ignored by man

The boundaries were set at the time of creation

The boundaries were set at the time of creation

Long ago the prophet Jeremiah gave a warning
The people did not want to hear; he said he lived in fear; for each time he spoke his life it was in danger. The people were a stiff neck lot, they lived in pride and rejected God. Oh they sought him when they wanted, but otherwise they simply gave him lip service; as they poured out offerings to gods of foreign lands. Yet he spoke and was accused of being filled with hate for he told them they were in danger they needed to repent return and ask of God forgiveness. But pride with arrogance ruled them so.

They refused to see they refused to hear
Their gods they choose would protect them
They worshiped wood they gave praise to stone
They burn and fed and gave praise to the Queen of heaven
All of this against the word
Seems that some in their perverse way
Burned their young in fire seeking their new gods favor

God said no, God said stop, but none would hear. For man he knows so much man he has created, but man has forgotten from wench he came who gave him breath of life.

I look out on our society and in its pride, man’s sinful way is in full bloom; there are those who choose to murder their own young for they are seeking their own truth. Life to the majority has been weighted and as such in the scales of want innocent life came out lacking of no true  value ,but praise for self, the me and mine is elevated above all else.

Past then present ,oh the future days are here
Yet we as a people do not see
But not long ago:
A new people claimed the word
For a time this people they did thrive
They now do turn to the old ways
They seek the most perverse way of life
Again this new people are hard of heart
As cold as ice, they refuse to see and will not hear
Oh their self-pride has blinded them
They fail to see the truth
They wish to make God low
To make themselves greater than the creator

They say we and I, me and mine
Oh I have been blessed: I am not rich?
Some may say that I am poor
But I have all that I do need
Some now say I rage in anger
No I plead I beg
I ask that you heed the warning
Yet so many want so much and more
While I am happy with all I have
So I am called a fool
Yet I know Paul the man of God
Who knew Christ?
I believe in Jesus

There are those of the Mega faiths
Who preach about the getting of much wealth?
Who promise those who follow them that if they give that they will get
Those who claim, those who promise, the new follower that they will be blessed with earthly treasure

The word it says:
Store up your treasure where? In heaven where dust and rust cannot touch
None can touch it where? In heaven friend; the place is safe secure under the watchful eye of Christ
In a place where rust and dust can do no harm; where is this place?
Seek God first in all ways
Place your faith in his promises
Look for wisdom and her sister prudence

There are six things God detests and wisdom says there are seven things he hates.
Have you then considered what they are? 1. Liars 2. Thieves 3. Licentious people’s 4. Murders 5.those who love the foul words, oh the modern man’s new slang. That all manner of men boldly share and take pride in; then they profane their child with their encouragement of their use of these derogatory words.
6. Idolater’s, 7. Adulators

Christ said be thee Holy for I am holy, follow after me my way. Seek me now while there is yet a little time; for the days draws near that all should fear………..

And the word became flesh

Now it is written, the Christ may ask; so be ready with your response. Or simply say as many will as they bow low with tears now streaming, we failed for we did our will.
Jesus said, if you had but the faith the size of a mustard seed; oh these things that you could see and do.
Now it was written way back then, that even now wolves had entered in among the Saints; men filled with the spirit anti to the Christ to pull the weak, the feeble-minded away from the truth of the way.
Ask yourself these questions:
Do you enjoy the new and modern voyeuristic life style; watching man do his worst to defeat and humiliate another?
Do you enjoy the peep show view; found on the blue hued screens in living rooms and bedrooms?
Do you devote your days and nights to gods and goddess of Holy wood; whose life style you then seek to emulate?
Do you perhaps love old Detroit, a football, basketball, or other team? You celebrate and make idols of them?
Yes, man has created many gods to fill his life all to replace the truth of Christ.
So are you a worldly man? celebrating mankind’s way of eat drink and be merry.

In the Proverbs this is written
How wisdom she does cry out to the foolish to those who choose the wide path the easy way which leads to death:
Proverbs 8
She speaks the truth, she says she hates lies, and truth is on her lips.
She dwells with prudence her sister. And reminds those who seek wisdom to do the following:
To fear (love, respect) the most high is to hate all evil
For our Lord says thusly:
I hate pride, arrogance, all evil behavior and perverse speech.

It is written in the word their sins shall rain down upon them day and night.
Why man he laughs and makes his jests for he follows Holy wood in thinking of Satin who is now depicted as a vile horned creature, when he is a spirit of bright and shining light; the deceiver of the many of the multitude comes to the foolish as a shinning light oh so bright.

a shinning light, a ray of hope, reminders of things not yet lost. remember this: a contrite heart repent return and rest, for grace is sufficient for thee

a shinning light, a ray of hope, reminders of things not yet lost. remember this: a contrite heart repent return and rest, for grace is sufficient for thee

Oh how sad that Man will follow as he does what he thinks is beauty and never looking closer nor asking questions its then too late to realize what is before them is a lie. John says he saw the following: for he says:
I saw an angel flying high above, speaking all manner of prideful things; yes, full of sin and evil.
I wonder what the lord would say when we have been given so many clues of the final days and we are so blind and deaf not to know the truth.
I wonder why man refuses yet to see that two thousand years is just two days.
I wonder then I cringe to think that people look for a singular anti-Christ; when it says those them they are filled with a spirit anti to the Christ, wow what a concept they are anti to or against the ways of the Christ. Ever seeking to bring God down and like Satin to raise themselves above the most high.
I look for I do see a linear progression of the things which are happening as it was written so long ago.
Oh the plagues the wars the pestilence the Black Death; the birth pain of the coming hour the last day.
Have they are now taking place.
Master tell us what shall be the sign given and he said……………

A very simple question

A question I will ask as you contend with me; who will God accept? Will it be the righteous or self-righteous giving praise and glory to themselves?
Who has his ear, who seeks Gods heart, who follows in his ways, who tries to do his will?
I speak now only to those who say I follow after the Messiah, I know the Christ.
Those who say I am a Christian; cause me to cringe. For when they say I am a Christian; it’s as if this makes them pure superior to other men. But how can you who claim the Christ who say that you believe justify the murder of an innocent a child? Where is your humility your love your empathy.
Hear now this rebuke from God: Found in Psalms 50: paraphrased:

And the word said, Love your fellow man as your self. Forgive and live as the Christ forgave

And the word said, Love your fellow man as your self. Forgive and live as the Christ forgave

What right have you to recite my laws? Or take my covenant on your lips? You hate my instructions and cast my words behind you. When you find a thief you aid him. You join happily with adulterers. You use your mouth for evil; your tongue is harnessed for deceit. You speak against your brother, you slander you own mother’s son.
All these you have done and I have been silent; say the one true God; you thought that I was like you that I approved. But I shall rebuke you and accuse you to your face.
Contemplate this all of you who fail to recall God, for my judgment comes swiftly and there will be no one to rescue you.

Darkness Falling calling

Darkness falling
O bitterness calling

The boundaries were set at the time of creation

The boundaries were set at the time of creation

The darkness in a fallen leader
Leads a nation into ruin
Nero played as Roam burned
So again the republic failed
Taken by the greed and hate
Of darkness massed outside
Avarice the dark desire

Darkness now usurped
The once bright and shinning state
Hope was taken far from men
What came as light, shinning O so bright?
Promised once to many
O high shinning bright delight
Sweet as honey promise many in his words
To all men’s delight he seems truthful
Silence still called out O pity thee you fool

Deception is the a lifestyle
Mortal man so lusts, for the anointing oils
Of the man, the beast, the dragon
O the firstborn of Dagon
Feast of famines seeks for man
Perdition hates and rage

The flood waters quickly rise
Humanity O ravenousness
Prepares to plunge
Darkness comes

Building new foundations
Burning ways of hate
New yet old
A deluge

Truth cannot overcome
Mendacities, no light shine
Darkness abounds, willingly accepted
Blessed by multitudes of people
O the loss of the nations
Burning mankind desires
For his destruction
Deceptions accepted death does come
None seeks justices but for selfishness

In the darkness mutely
Deaths companion perdition waits
So soon will swiftly take
The deaf
O next blindness his fellow sits
Comes the slaughter of the foolish
The Blind man and the woman see
They follow as naïve
O what gentile fools?

Embraced O welcomed by the many
Death so soon with perdition comes

Given aid by the naïve good-natured fools
Those so full of hate and fury
Their sneer so dearly
So hides the daggers
O a sodden viciousness with in

These invaders come in waves
As rushing tidal waves full of destruction
O the mighty fifth column comes in twos and threes
Spreads out like thieves to hide to take
Spread throughout sweet liberty
By men of evil vile contempt full of greed
A cancer now seen yet unnoticed by the many

Cheer the government for their aid
To live and work
Unseen unknown
The art of war
Will soon be loosed
As they make way for more

Darkness comes upon us

O the dark horse, velvet-black

Roars from out the hidden pit
He who rides who hides
In the darkness known to man
That vile serpent known of old
Satin prince of the world

Now released to ply his trade
Now comes the one O so vile
Full of hate steeped in rage anger burns
Rooted deep within the seeds of jealousy
Bringing envy lust and greed with him
The infections deadly to all men

The seeds he brings
On the horse, O so red as blood
Comes to man to be embraced
His beloved his lust
For his brothers blood

O his lovely bride is envy
Grown from his embracing hate
The fruit of mankind’s tree is rage
His greatest labor war

Hate seems so sweet to mortal man
A fruit that easily becomes mankind
Death with its destruction seems to please
Man he justifies his ways
He loves to murder his fellow-man

O the dappled and the grey
Pestilences quickly follows
Then come death O man’s desire
O destruction is the way of man
Choices were spoken of long ago
One to life one to death
Man chooses death as his way

But it’s not the way of God
Remember this O son of men
Love it covers a multitude of sin
What you forgive on earth
Is thus forgiveness also in heaven?
For it is written all the sin shall be cast
As far as the east is from the west
Never more to be remembered
But what you retain, so remains and is used to judge you
The way is narrow, hard to find
But this step I offer you
Forgive and live
As the Christ forgave
And rise above the grave
Is a first step on the way?

above away from thought of man seeking for that place so sweet where love does rest and patient empathy do wait, love oh love so sweet.

above away from thought of man seeking for that place so sweet where love does rest and patient empathy do wait, love oh love so sweet.

It seems somehow that I am fast becoming a prophet (forecaster) of doom and dire gloom.
For I bear a warning told from old one emanating from and of the most High God, no I am not a self-appointed purveyor of this doom and gloom, but just as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Noah and all those good and Godly men of old so did; so must I as well as all good men and women like you must do.
For those who claim the faith of Christ; must speak, just as they so spoke. So must I and you; my brothers and O my sisters in the body of the Christ for the written word proclaims to us, now and in times past, that if we remain so silent and do not speak, do not give the warning then we are guilty of their blood, the blood of those who sin can be placed upon our heads, but if we give them warning and still they choose then to reject the word of God; then their blood is now upon them. We are free of any guilt.
We as a people, as a nation, made of people’s love now the hyphenation, we so love these new divisions of the nation.
As we have focused on division and the modern separation we have forgotten what the founders taught and sought; for what we need to heed is that old cry of old the cry repent, return, and rest; so that God can bless us all; so our Lord can heal us, But all too often comes the cry that all to small voice of man with his reply of No…..I will do it all my way…
We live in isolated communities in divided groups; so many hold to the new age way, this ideal of division of hyphenation called a choice Liberalism new separation. All of which makes it easier to control the weak of mind; to brain wash the weak-minded remove their self-control and eliminate those who question.

Hate with its rage has become a way of life in our nation. Each time the people raise a question the first reaction of the liberalism is to declare the questioner and their question a racist attack.
Where the leadership speaks of unity, but it is unity of superiors.
Once again the national consensus of the elite looks for a group it can despise.
A group they can teach all men to revile one which has in some way become an offense to all mankind.
They seek out a type and a sub set that can be vilified, so it will become the poster child of their hate thus unifying the hyphenation’s of the nation.
Their studies have identified one group; the Christians or the Christ followers as that group calls its self the keepers of the way. These few will not join in or follow the new world order.
They hold to the word of their God. This also holds true for the devote Jew; who in the past and even now is reviled maligned and hated by the many


Who does man blame?

His blame is his shame
For evil its shame
Has done just the same
All eyes look to Jerusalem.
The cry of terrorism
Israel the screen
Used to hide the truth

The gentiles wage a World war
Wage war for Jerusalem
From the hate of Islam for Israel.
Islam says it will destroy
The state of Israel, the Jew
Islam claims a holy right
To murder the innocence
Yes it will, so it says; its justified
It’s their holy doctrine to murder

So around the world the terrorist murder
Yes murders their rule.
Yes,one day Israel will fall
but not until the rest is done
For the infidels will fall
For few men do see, fewer do hear
they chose to separate step aside
thinking that in giving in
they some how then have won

In simple words they appease
However as the past
so does teach
war will come to each one
Infidels must surrender of pay

O that look of old Chamberlains
when he heard the next day
what that mad man had done
Each will fail as Islam does come
their doctrines is clear spare not one
none at all of the infidels………..
Should Israel thus divide the city and give in?
History shows and tells us friend it’s been done.

Seen heard but never discerned

Seen heard, but never discerned

Apples not oranges

And the word said, Love your fellow man as your self. Forgive and live as the Christ forgave

And the word said, Love your fellow man as your self. Forgive and live as the Christ forgave

They pacified not
Those who terrorized them from Gaza
Those who banded like bandits
Nowhere in Gaza does one find peace
So please once more
Just listen to see

Perchance you’ll see reason
History proclaims sounds the trumpet
The truth
Man he is blind
He refuses to perceive
He precludes the truth
That evil men lie

Tombstones attest
To the failure of men
For he refused to comprehend
His foolishness he chose
Whitewashed stone is his legacy
Blinded deaf he refuses to see

O mankind did freak
The world over in his delight
The terror the fright of the night
Giving up all to gain a pittance of peace
Again man’s cry does remain
Peace o sweet peace
O man is given to pieces
O the pieces of peace

Now hear what was spoken
By Wisdom of old
” when good men refuse to stand
Evil men will stand to rule all.’
It is not a prediction
It is a painful old fact
O Man in your misery
Look back at your history
If you want peace at all

O man you so lack
History’s teaching
Around you a cry
Peace O sweet peace
Elusive is peace
When you’re loath to stand up
Many pieces are found.
War leads to famine
Pestilence to Death
Darkness wages on
Its genocide
Is its gift