Whats that??

I know a man named Paul; he lived and lives even now, who taught a simple way, he lead many to a path so narrow with bumps and pitfalls ,but righteousness was the goal. Now many in this time talk of wealth and how Gods wants them rich but reject the truth of sacrifice and others talk of alters of how we need to punish and rid the way of anything we deem vile, Yet few now teach or talk about the man or woman the God, the creator does so seek, is them? In their zealous pride sitting hauty in that special Sunday chair with cloths so clean hair so neat ready to stand and sing amazing grace then give a buck perhaps two and feel that they have done their do diligences of Christ like service. However have you look with this place at others not dressed in splendor who with cast down eyes sit hidden in the back? You see you give to missions you give and praise your churches work while your brother goes with out lives in lack and great want. Your pearls they are cast to those who worship demons while at home those in need must beg from government. Its odd that you refuse to see this need; you never ask why did they leave, perhaps they were ashamed ?

Christ said I am with you for a while but the poor are with you always; once the brothers took up collections to make sure none among them were in lack or want. Its odd how this caring for the needs of the brethren is now turn into a mission to buy new members when so many  are in want and need wondering why their church will not give them aid.

I saw a church do all it could for family’s who did not attend they used it as a babysitting service, while a family which did attend was growing poor and in much need. The church it built a new porch for this family who would not work nor pray. While it own did need what they did give away. Floods did come and it washed away the house but not the porch the family left and never thanked the church. The member thus in need their car it died , yet no one came to ask why are you not here? The member was ashamed for feeling anger and jealousy, but the thing they needed the love, the help, his church family gave away to hogs and pigs who did not care or love the lord.

So look around your church this week did you let your brother go away in need?

For if you had it with in your power to give aid to help and simply said farewell be well what does that say of you?

My storys true it happened and somewhere in some other church concerned with build giving to India or some other land brothers and sisters are in lack in want and all the while their church family says buck up smile we are doing Gods will. well Gods will was that you care for your family and as the heathen saw they would come and ask and then you’d tell.



with broken and contrite hearts we come to thee asking for insight wisdom and true strength. a dog returns to its vomit and a pig seeks out its wallow. But a soul is lost when those around them can not render aid; for your family should have no need to ask you; you should know just what they need. How ASK..

And the word said

And the word said

What would Jesus say… what did he say? Do we care? Are we so enlightened that we can redefine the very nature of what God said? We are a luke warm people one with a short memory yet one which does not remember much.

As I have stood in silence, my soul it has cried out; my spirit turns within me, crying speak the words I give to you. My Lord my Christ looks at me asking why? Why are you now silent? Why, won’t you speak out? Do you fear the man or has your love failed?
Remember Lot? How that good and righteous man had his soul so seared from what he saw around him in that time. What was once hidden is revealed and man is so blind he refuses yet to see. His sins rain down upon him day and night you see. No none is righteous no not one. None do see that the day of wrath is near for they have no fear of the most high they have spoken of and to those things they do not understand; when they should do as the Archangel Michael when contending with the advisory for the body of Moses when he said simply the Lord rebukes you.
God does call return to me, come and sit upon my knee follow do and love your fellow man.
Division separations have no part of the Lord. And yet he said I come to separate to divide the sheep now from the goats. So ask yourself which you are and whom do you follow a man and his traditions or the Lord God most High and His ways.

I must remind you once again God does not require sacrifice or long repetitive prayers of supplication but he asks for a reparative and contrite heart he can fix the broken, but not the all knowing arrogant.

Are we morally repugnant? If not what are we.
Take a moment and conceder:
We claim the moral high ground; we claim we have compassion for and a love for all life. Yet for forty years we have encouraged the murder of millions we have even exported these ideals, yet condemn Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Poe Pot among so many others. We have Genocide by law, insured no protected by courts and fought for by the people as a right of choice. The child has been redefined as a mass, a lump, a thing evolving with in the womb.
We say we are responsible. As we sit in silence as they pass these laws, which encourage the murder of our own children. Yet we bring to trial to public degradation men and women who have before our enlighten laws done the same things, Side not Germany had laws very similar to ours. But theirs was done on a smaller scale. Where these people eliminated million of a few unflavored groups, we eliminate, no we encourage and teach the many to murder those who may carry or those who could have a defect; Those of feeble minds. to do this to see the murder of their children as a noble ideal. Thus these groups are proud and demand to be allowed to keep this right; A right they will not question for to question they might just hear the truth and in so doing realize they have been duped. Which is contained in a law passed to help one tenth of one percent of women those who were victims of rape or incest?

What would Jesus say; no, we should ask what he said. Now think what did he say? Suffer not the children to come to me; for these are those to whom the kingdom of God belongs; you must become as one of them, you must be reborn; so many were confused as so many are today; For this two was said and it written render aid to the poor, the needy, the widow and the orphan, and the stranger who lives among you.

Millions are for the allowing of those who came here illegally to stay they march they fight for this freedom this right yet they spat upon those who came here the hard way the legal way those who wanted to become a part of the whole not a separate festering blister demanding that the whole be changed for them that we accept their way their life style and give up ours.

To be Christ like is what we are to do.

come and hear

The boundaries were set at the time of creation

The boundaries were set at the time of creation

Few people want to know that for God it is always black and white; for man prefers the gray of compromise; that is what Satin knows and hopes for. What the person of excuse lives for, the compromise, those who will not say no, who will not say yes, but always feel they can straddle the fence and say maybe; Those who have no character and no moral compass, Men and women who see position power and money as marks of their being. For knowing God they have rejected him, his ways, and searched out lawlessness and marked it as good.

Message to those who sin

Each of you must chose, life or death

For thus says the lord God most high
Listen now to my words to hear and to see
Oh you great leader’s of these new selfless men
You revered men of awe always demanding respect
You have turned the many away from righteousness
You have forced so many called by my name to bow down
To worship at your alters of greed and suffering
Forcing the poor, the widow, and the orphan to pay homage to you
You take their freedom
You steal their lives; force them into lives of toil
Your ignorance is magnified ten fold
Your wretchedness and sin a thousand more

So wretched man of sin
What then is your defense?
Come now contend with me, oh lowly man of sin
Your lies are magnified for you are enslaved
Come look; come hear for it is because of your very words and deeds
Your children lose their way
They are already slaves as you
For you have defined and refine what their freedom is.
They have neither the will nor the strength to resist
For their soul is shriveled nearly dead
Where yours is burn and is ash
Your hate your rage is all you have
Yet you tell these poor wretched fools your lies
You speak of love and great reward
When death and white washed tombs of dry old bones is all you have to offer

To the self righteous did you aid the poor this day? Did you cloth your brother? Did you feed the orphan, widow the infirm or visit with the old? These few things are lost are forgot among the mighty churches of the age who give to get and insure their finical rewards in the world of carnal man. Lay up your treasure where rust and dust have no say. May you be blessed this day?

A question of why

And the word said

And the word said

Why, am I hungry, why am I poor. Why am I sick? And the answer thus given today is you lack enough faith. But Paul gave an answer which would anger many today; if a man will not work then that man will not eat. However there are among you those who struggle each day, you work and never have enough, but your then your brothers with plenty and much more to spare say have a good day when they could lend help; Now what does that say about them; the self-righteous of fools.
Today it is said to get, one must give, as if God is dealer in commodities. And always if this fails, it’s your fault, for you lack enough faith. So you try and you give, you give till it hurts, and yet you are hungry, sick, and now, so much poorer than before.
Perhaps you could read and in doing so will see that your lack and your want are because of man’s greed. You give this is good, but fail to get. Because those who teach you will not do what they are charged with to do; feed and cloth you who are in want.
A question I must ask do you visit the widow help care for the old and infirmed, do you help out the orphaned and poor among you or say go now and have a great day.
If any is true; then and you say in defense, I gave up some cash; well hippy hurray, but did you stop and give aid, did you stretch out your hand and give some one some help?
If Not:
You are part and now parcel, you have entered into the world and joined now blindly with all of its sins, for the world abounds with the ways of old Sodom and Gomorrah.
But beyond all of that we live in a world controlled now by Satin; however few people accept this fact as true thanks to holly wood and its indulgences in the supernatural.

So they say now things like this

In pride mankind cries, in arrogance man lashes out, for in self-pity in selfish pride is heard on high,
Self intent with a desire for selfishness does rule, the cold stone hearts of mankind. So he forsakes then poor who thus will go hungry and cry out to God all the more.

Once they asked Lord please
Lord they asked; teach us how to pray.
Lord; tell us how we are to honor you.
Lord what you say we will do.

Really, will you then listen and do?
Will you listen, stop to hear and see?
Will you follow after me?
Then discern, please learn, a lesson no longer so taught:

Our father who is in heaven
Holly is your name.
Your kingdom comes
Your will shall be done
On earth as it is in
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins, as we forgive the sins done us
Let us not fall into temptation, but deliver us from evil
For yours is the kingdom
For yours is the power,
For your glory forever and ever

What is the purpose of this prayer what is the focus then to be?
What is the bread that we are then to seek, when we pray to our Lord and savior?
We ask for that spiritual bread that bread that comes from above.
What is the name we should venerate and honor?
Jesus who is the Christ, the living Son the first-born of the Father first of the many
Who is our only intercessor? Jesus
That which you lose or forgive shall be forgive, that which you retain will be retained not forgiven, thus how you judge is how you shall be judged. When you shout I will forgive, but will not forget you make a mockery of grace. For you expect your father to cast your sins off as far as the east is from the west, so why can you not do the same?

I listened to a teacher ask the many to give, but never do those same men give aid to their sheep. They the pearls given them and they cast to those who could careless, while the sheep go without and wait for the day when Christ will bring them into a new home full of his grace yes fulfilled they shall be thanks to their hope..

Do not Cry, plead and pray

And the word said

And the word said

Cry ye not for this land
But ask if just one righteous man can be found
Would the tides be turn?
Would the judgment then be stayed?

Oh cry not for that great land, no need to neither plead nor beg for the new cities
All have chosen all have said the god we once worshiped now is dead
Thus the judgment is decreed
All are dammed judged guilty

How you have fallen, have given up, have forgotten
Your once lofty state of divine grace
With immense distress you came forth
In pain you were conceived
Life came to you as did freedom all was rewarded with Liberty
Thirteen colonies once so divinely blessed
Now their prodigy rejects does spurn the holy one the living Son of God

Now this giant grown so frail
Has become the laughing-stock
The most shameful vilest creature of the world
Once so noble is now turned to the vile
Running always to do evil
Seeking after the most detestable of the retched of unclean creatures
No longer serving justice or truth
Your wise men they are fools and jesters
You do harm to the poor lay upon them heavy stones
The way is now blocked for they now do not understand
For you trained them thus to seek
To please the world of sinful man

Always seeking after a god of wood and stone
So you spat on the living God
Your young they search, but now are lost
Running to and fro from sea to sea
For words of truth for a bit of truth
Some form of wisdom
None is found
Running here faster there
Seeking what is lost never to be found

What generations past fought so hard to keep now is spat on in the streets
So many turned away to take up perfumed beds of prostitution
To save the wise when all are fool is the jest of the world about
Among them you are buried in an unmarked grave, none will mourn but celebrate
Alas the giant it does perish, from a putrid malignancy eating its insides, its heart
A heart as blackened as the night, its eyes are blind, its voice is feeble, failing, no longer able to with stand the many assaults
Now the giant stumbles,
Sub-divided into divisions arguing they separate all the more
Like a cancer their hate of their brothers grows
It has caused that great behemoth now to stagger
while from its bowels a rumble so horrendous is now heard
this issue does erupt as its bowels do spew out amoral corruption
no more a voice of morality nor a shining thing of beauty holding forth a superior ideal
but the mighty giant quivers a decade mass of quivering puss filled flesh waiting to be put to rest
No one comes none do call all have turned and fled away
for they do fear what has come
the day of judgment on the giant once so proud
Thus they stand off to see the mighty giant fall and cry who will where will we now deal our ware
Then curse they will the giant more for the destruction that has come.

RED; Real Easy Dude

RED; Real Easy Dude

And the word said

And the word said

If one stops and looks one will see the amazing beauty and symmetry of creation so I will pose a simple question and give you a simple answer to consider.

And so I ask what is mans true color
I am not an expert in the ways of man, I am a voice crying out in a dark time, I attempt to bring the few back to the narrow way. To remind the many of what once was and to tell of what shall be. We must repent, we must return, and we must rest in his way, having faith in him.
Mankind today defies God, for man has said in his heart God is dead for they no longer see nor here the truth. Oh they go to church to affirm how good they are, to hear the praise of the minister on the choices they have made, or they seek insurance that the gathering and collecting is a good and noble way of life. But they have given up the eternal for the creature thus rejecting their creator. They take a seat in a Sunday chair; seeking to be blessed and forgive for the same sin committed by them over and over again each week. They claim weakness as defense; they claim they have not the ability to change the things they do. So sad oh so wretched then they are for this can mean but one thing they have no part of him.
For he is strength, for if you are his then you will be changed by the indwelling holy Spirit, but those who do not listen or accept the teaching of the spirit sear it burn it cast it out to become far worse than they were before.

So what is mans true color; green for all his envy and his greed, is his color piercing bright like pure white light (white light is made of all colors ,but man in his wise-dumb forgets this, yes I meant dumb)or the all enveloping blackness of the dark. Man so loves his division and his subdivisions of all that he surveys.
Man of this time has divided and formed himself into varied color and social groups competing and fighting over lands and resources.

And God said let us make man in our image so in his image God made him: then God breathed into his nostrils and man became a living soul.
A few problems occur here.
1. What color did he make man?
2. Did he make one race with one universal color with the capability for many diverse types, as we see all around us in the world?
3. So what color are we then?
The answer is RED, our real color, yes sir we really are all one color it is that easy: mans true color is red. We were formed red, made red, and we are all red. Just like a dogs is dogs; so man is man; all are the same, yet all are different. If you need a way to divide try blood types, some think there are only four, but the reality is there are some say thirty two; so I would hope that is enough division for the old and the young bigot of today. But if we keep these four a, b, ab, o we do well. And the four are always red.

A lesson on leadership you must accept the mistakes of you subordinates as your own for you chose them, and do not blame others for yours or their mistakes, this is called being irresponsible. You must never seek to lead without Character for those that do not have Character will not uphold the responsibilities of the office they seek to attain, wanting the power thinking it will fill a void in them they become corrupt. Thus thinking they can do as they will instead of obeying the will of the people.

Christ the King the Holy Spirit is a better choice for all amen.

A quest for the truth

English: Icon of Jesus Christ

A question to ask yourself
Take some time
But not to long
Thank you for your time

The servants of this Baal abound, for Baal comes in many shapes and forms, Oh they speak with a roaring loud sound, like lions they do prance and dance speaking words which to the lost sound oh so wise and full of mans insight. Yes, they up lift corruption to bring down destruction with death to the world they deny the living God, but cheer a god of stone and wood dead without a soul.
Many say their god wants them happy just the way they are, wanting and seeking their good, he is gentle and forgiving and never does he look twice at sin he has forgiven a man.
I would tend to concur with one provision a sin is forgiven and you are told to turn and not do it again, so I ask you now how many times can you crucify the lord on the cross for your selfish desires and deceit. If you really did repent you would not enter back into that sin he took you out of. You would be changed and set free….
Man of deceit man of this new age of reason cheers as one more joins his group in defiance of the living God. Oh so wise they have become perverted in their ways corrupt without grace vile and destructive white washed tombs filled with rot.
Now in Romans Paul says we are not to judge those outside the brotherhood ( church), And in another we are commanded to judge among the Church or group to set the members right and if they accept welcome them again, but if not give them up. Paul did this with Demas and then asked the brothers then to pray for him whom Paul had give up to Satin, he tells of his fall and his promising beginning. Many feel this is harsh but what of those that may be turned to follow that one who is in sin? For everyone likes a good man a party hopeful who promises them their hearts desire.

Everyone must make the choice, will you follow Christ or bow down to the Father of lies.
Your greatest judge is yourself; your greatest advocate is our Lord and Savior Jesus who is the Christ. But there are even in these conditions for if you bow to Baal if you choose the lie the Christ becomes your prosecutor judge and jury.
Yes, he wants you happy no matter what you choose; to those who reject he sends a deceiving spirit so they will be happy wherein they have chosen to be. Then to the rest a spirit of truth Holy and pure…. So we have the following

Romans Chapter 1 verses 23 to 32, paraphrased for meaning: from the KJV

Therefore God also gave them up to squalor through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves: Those Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the human being more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
For this cause God gave them up to vile affection: for even their women altered the natural use to serve the unnatural; that which is in opposition to nature: likewise also the men, with their departure from the natural use of the woman, burned in their longing for one another; yes, men with men working that which is indecent, and receiving in themselves that reward of their error which was to suffer. And even as they did not like to keep hold of God in their awareness, God gave them over to a degenerate mind, to do those things which are not appropriate; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, dispute, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, cold-hearted, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the equivalent, but have pleasure in them that do them also and encourage others to do like wise..

It sounds as if Paul is describing our nation our people and our new ways. If so then we are in great danger.
I found an interesting word I had to ponder within its placement: meet it could mean many things but once it meant sever suffer and reject among others. Well a number of them as with so many have had the meaning changed in the last four to six even eight hundred years. So we can embark on a real life treasure hunt if we will take the time, thus we can find more meaning and more hidden jewels in our dusty old books, if we seek we shall find, if we knock the door will open.