Ask yourself Who you are

When Jesus came, he asked will you follow me?

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we never walk alone

He told us why, what to do. He said those who were his sheep would keep his fathers commands and decrees. Then he said come now follow me. He said the road is narrow the road is hard  many are called, but few will find the way, come now follow me.

Then he gave one more command “Do as I have done.” So what did Jesus Do?  Now you ask me what are they these commands these decrees? There are Ten there are Two which hold the ten and one He gave at the last come do as I have done.

I wonder then what he will say, to all of us when we stand before him on that day. That day so many can not wait for. That day called dreadful; that great and terrible day; when the mountains melt, the sea boils away the day of judgement when it comes. Will we hear well done, my good my faithful servant, or will we be shocked to hear depart from me I know you not. Will you or I cry out, but we did this, we did that, all in your name lord. Still he will say depart from me you did it for your-self not me.

So I ask you now to think to pray:

Do we keep his way? Do we do as he did then. I ask you did he forgive and forget your sin all your misdeeds then cast them away as far as the east is from the west? He said, never to be remembered again or did he say I will forgive, but not forget as you for that I can not do, no I will not forget?

It places us all in a quandary for are we really who we think or are we not as proper holy pious as we feel?

Jesus said love and bless your enemy, love those who hate you. One of Gods decrees says support your leaders and obey the laws. Another says do not provoke your children to anger watch TV.. we see it all this on the daily news ; sadly friend its in our homes. For we teach our children to hate others, disrespect someone because of color,and always remember the sins committed by the fathers in the past

So ask yourself what would he say to us? What will he say to you? Did you know retaining hate is wrong, teaching hate it is worse?  And there are some who teach that hate angry , and rage are good. But God says do not let the sun set on your anger cast it off. For it retaining it gives Satan a foothold.

So God said Be holy for I am Holy; Paul said strive for that prize that crown.

lighted dove

a shinning light, a ray of hope, reminders of things not yet lost. remember this: a contrite heart repent return and rest, for grace is sufficient for thee




Many wonder and do ask

lighted dove

a shinning light, a ray of hope, reminders of things not yet lost. remember this: a contrite heart repent return and rest, for grace is sufficient for thee

What did Jesus say and what did he tell us to do. He said matter of fact that those who are mine will keep my fathers commands and decrees. That is the Ten the two plus one. For the plus one is easy to explain he said” do as I have done.” The ten are so simple they are not evil or vile but deal solely with relations first with God then with man. Have only one God not many do not make an image and bow down to it or give it praise lastly do not take his name in vain. Then we are told to take a day of rest its odd how all of this has been vilified. Next he said honor your mother and father side bar if God is your heavenly father should you also honor him? Next comes one that makes many angry ; modern man wants his way all the time besides God said it was Ok; well no he did not he said I know the callousness of man heart so divorce is allowed. So man commits adultery claiming God said its ok. Now its odd that do not murder comes next and yet when you cheat on your spouse you murder trust faithfulness and what comes next well do not lie do not steal and last do not envy all of this will take place after one chooses to commit adultery for like David it is difficult to hide a cheating heart and David found out that there were consequences beyond himself which affected others even an innocent child.

So do we do as Jesus has done or what we choose to respect ones parents is easy to love ones spouse is even easier to keep to cling only to her easy; even with morning breath remember your

the last three roses 2 004

One rose one God one way

no pick either. It’s hard to lie to your spouse, your parents, or your children.  we are told to put off our anger before sun down for Satin is vigil and waiting. Anger can murder a relationship so put it away be even quick to forgive and even slower to become angry; remember God said he himself is slow to anger and even quicker to forgive read Jonah.  When we look out and see with envious eyes what another has we forget the treasure we ourselves already have.

The teacher taught the man many things but he over looked the word of God for wisdom calls and its few who hear and fewer who respond. Jesus said seek thee wisdom and riches will be yours.

So Jesus said many things with this one more mine shall have my fathers decrees written upon their hearts to do and remember them always. And on that last day many will come and say lord we did this and this in your name and he will say go I knew you not. So are you his or not……do you hold to pride or are you humble? what of the poor the widow and the orphan the sick? he will ask what will our answer be…

As for me the writer of the question I fear I fall very short

Decived no longer do you believe 

Everyone asks for scientific facts forgetting what they have been taught is theory. All the man of the world knows is based on guessing by looking at the world.  Man can not accept that he is loved, that he has been given a great gift, and offered one far greater. Offered wisdom, offered grace, man instead chooses vanity, chooses blindness, and shuts his his ears to all that surrounds him. In order to fit in, to be apart of the new way, the world; he plays the game of compermise and social toleration ,thus he becomes intolerant to me my way. For to acknowledge Christ my father his Holy Spirit In his new thinking makes him evil foolish and evil. So man of the world our atheist humanist revile hate but most of in reality fear thou shall not. For they spend so much time great effort teaching that you shall not is restrict backward and comes from the time of ignorance tribalism so to them it is evil vile and repulsive. Yet I ask why is it evil to teach your children to treat you with respect ,to honor you and others. Why do you get angry when asked not to commit murder or cheat on your spouse? What is horrid in telling you not to steal, lie, or envy. Why do the atheist curse the one of work six days and rest on the seventh. I have a difficult time in comprehending all your hate you have free choice I will not force you. You can choose your god or gods. You now bow down to many gods, your teachers tell you many worldly ways , one says you contain God within you , that you are good without sin. So are you really? Does your spirit seem restless within lacking in want in desperate need why not ask. The commands the decrees you reject point out how lost you are how broken and in need of me you have become. Have alway been but unlike those who pressure you to reject and accept the false I just wait and yes I do protect you even to the end hoping you will call accept and choose an abdunt life. 

Friday evening

Friday evening is when it happened a group of men committed murder in their god’s name.
They were told by their trainers they were holy righteous warriors who would win a reward for their actions. They by their death and its destruction would bring to them a blessing of seventy-two young virgins and a banquet, wine and many other pleasures.
The group that was their sponsor is an Islamic terror group, they hide behind the innocent to commit their heinous crimes against humanity. They brain wash the disenfranchised the weak of mind and spirit. Those easily plied into soldiers for the distribution of their propaganda and its terror.
Some have said that Jews and Christians do the very same and yet I look and listen and have never seen it happen. Evil I have learned seeks to blame their victims by saying they were forced to commit their crimes. They say their victims were and are to blame, for they are righteous warriors and their cause is justified.
Some are heard to claim that Islam is a faith of peace and love. But all I have ever seen are the many pieces left by bombs. It seems their love for slaughter of their fellow man is first and foremost in their faith.. It not just western children and women whose live do not value, but in their countries of origin they perform the selfsame acts. Then they blame the west the Jews always an outside force. Never do they say enough murder seems a cornerstone of their faith.
There was a leader in a church a woman they say was a Bishop now she said, some time ago; that we should stand hand and hand with the Palestine freedom fighters, against the Jewish nation. I though and do so feel she was a fool, one unable to see or hear, she justified the horror of the murder of the Jews of Israel by not seeking out the truth.
So the hate does grow death destruction flows from east to west north and south. Children suffer people die and the self-righteous say they are holy righteous warriors.
This is one of the three that some claim hold the same values that I do. I must say I am not a fool and my God says I must Love my fellow man. If he hungers feed him if he is naked cloth him if he is ill I am to comfort him, for we are our brother’s keeper.
I am a follower of my God so I obey the commands and the decrees. Love of God with my whole mind body and soul: the next is much the same love my fellow man as I do myself.
I am told I am a grafted branch a part of Israel and so can would I murder others or take my life because a cleric said I would get a great reward. No the dead know nothing until the resurrection day.
It is then we are rewarded for our deeds good for good and bad for bad. The judgement is an oddity for we will judged on the standards in which we judged all others.

Jesus may just ask

ocean-by-cjackson.jpgIt’s all the rage to ask and say what would Jesus do or say.
So here is what has transpired:
Jesus might just ask; has no one thought, has no one looked, has not one of the wise among the people simply paused and taken up the book and read? Jesus may then ask this; in these past two days that I have been gone; has not one person, has not one of any faith, or group of people who claim my name seen and heard the way?
Jesus may ask us all, why we do the following. You take what suits you from my words, you choose what pleases you and tickles your mortal ears. You say you know me. Your luke warm heart says something else. So he may ask you in a way which instills fear; so are you really mine. Do you follow the commands of my father like I do or the two decrees given oh so long ago? From Adam unto Noah seven were in use with two decrees. Then from Noah unto Abraham only seven simple laws and the very same two decrees which many people did condemn. This brought you to my good servant Moses. Who through me gave you the ten, with the two again? You swore while standing in the sand you would obey. Which sadly you did not. Many call my way evil now in these modern self-enlightened times. So let now the wise look to find to seek to decide if they follow or do you seek the glory that Apollos. The one who sought glory for himself when he spoke against My chosen Paul..
Yes Jesus would say a lot to us perhaps he has. Sadly we have refused to listen for the world surrounds us and drowns us with the daily glare the grind.

life braches out in many ways , yet all things lead back to one

life braches out in many ways , yet all things lead back to one

We find it difficult to obey that which we cannot see or hear. Do you talk about the ten do you teach them to your children do you teach them daily in how you relate to others? Do you love me he may ask? Do you respect my name? Do you worship me in spirit? The first three define the first of the two. Love the Lord your God with your whole heart mind and body. This leaves one and seven which man in his enlightened way has toss out spat on and fight about.
So perhaps Jesus may just ask: what is wrong with a day of rest for all men, he never said we could not take two. Yet we call this evil.
Jesus then may look at you and ask; why do you refuse to teach your children to respect their elders. Why is now evil to tell a spouse adultery is wrong. No he might ask why do you reject and hurt those you claim to love.
Jesus then may ask us all why do we commit murder. We have passed laws which allow our women to dispose of their children as if they were but trash. We call this a right, but is it right he will ask. You to say it simply murder is a choice a selfish act of defiance of a cold cure and misguided soul.
Jesus would shake his head as we answer many of the last. for we bear false witness and call it good. We steal from others in so many ways. We then justify and say well everyone is doing it. We are envious or jealous of what others has. We want what we do not need, we refuse to be content with what we have. Yet we feel clean, we feel pure for like the Pharisee we stand in the center of the crystal wooden spiral or wood home which has our seat our name for all to see and give thanks that we are pure and that we are better than others for we give our tithe and we are grateful for the easy pass. Yes, we say we are the best, but the question he may ask did you feed did you visit did you help the orphan the oppressed your brother. People he may ask do you aid your brothers in you church who stand with you every day? Or do you say take care and be safe.
So Jesus may ask us this; which of these two men went away clean and blessed, who really has the easy pass?

Holy anger?

Justification of one’s Anger, hate and rage
Some now call it Righteous a sign that one is Holy
Or for some it’s just a lie encouraged by the father of lies: Satan

And the word said, Love your fellow man as your self. Forgive and live as the Christ forgave

And the word said, Love your fellow man as your self. Forgive and live as the Christ forgave

I so do enjoy reading the many blog that I now follow. Some have posts that are intense many are detailed with logic, while some are apologist seeking to explain in orderly fashion their beliefs and values, then there are some who are whimsical in nature making light of serious subjects by pointing out the hypocritical nature of mankind in all his or her strengths and weakness; man by his very in actions his callousness breeds anger hate and rage. Some speak of man’s compassion for many things and his passion, however in many I see a lack of empathy or as Christ said the innate ability to walk a mile in another’s shoes or even two miles on another man’s path. For without empathy one cannot judge fairly another person, nor can you be compassionate simple though it is. Man retains the child like I want. A man with passion says I will do what I can to achieve my ends no matter what, but empathy says if I do this I will hurt this one or that one and are my needs greater than the others. An empathic person places others before themselves.
So as some speak of holy anger when referring to actions of men it is the venue of God alone, but now in the new age of touchy feely we have new teachers saying man is justified in this righteous anger by saying followers should not be like sheep lead to the slaughter. However we are told by Jesus who was and is the Christ to be like him; Paul the Apostle to the gentiles said I try to be all things for all men; so as to exemplify the ways of the Christ our lord Jesus. So have we all read the same word; who then are being true followers of Christ Jesus? Think of the word picture that has been given the title the passion of the Christ. The prophets foretold that in silence he would go, in suffering and in sorrow, all to relive the pain the penalty and bring about forgiveness by his grace. So again what is righteous in our anger? We are told to bless and be a blessing; to pray for our emery’s, to feed and clothe them, love those who seek our harm and who would take our lives. Remember this as he ascended he gave them this command go out and do as I have done Many skip this.

life braches out in many ways , yet all things lead back to one

life braches out in many ways , yet all things lead back to one

Placing a line in the sand
I find this as the beginning;
So let’s ask this question; when or where did Jesus say teach or encourage his followers to take up arms in anger? To fight, to be enraged so much that one will justify doing murder, yes righteous anger teaches one can maim and destroy innocent human life? But is what Jesus taught his followers? He said that there would come a time for the need of the sword for self-protection for we did then and do now live a world of growing violence, but vengeance still belongs to the lord our God. We may defend ourselves our fellowman and our nation, but we are not permitted to seek out personal vendettas. I have read in a few places not let our personal anger linger on after night for this gives Satan a chance to entice us and persuade us into further sin.
Many point to the Old Testament as the quintessential justification for their new love of anger, but this righteous anger is a baited hook for the slippery slope. They overlook the reasons for the death and destruction in the old. God raised up certain Kingdoms to carry out his will. The many peoples task were to inflict his punishment. The Prophet Jonah when he passed on Gods decree to destroy that nation Nineveh had what some now claim as righteous anger. For God relented when they begged for his forgiveness. Jonah now was angry at God for not destroying them, but they repented; so God told Jonah I will not bring about this destruction I had decreed for I the Lord God am long suffering slow very slow to anger but even quicker to forgive.
No Christ said forgive and live; do as I have done for I forgave and saved you from the grave of sin and death now live and forgive; follow me with the cross to glory, such a simple story.
Love brings life liberty and happiness
Anger brings on rage feeds hate leads to death.
God said be holy for I am holy: these three things desire most Faith Hope and love, but foremost seek out Love.

One rose one God one way

One rose one God one way

Pro Life, pro choice and then there’s

Recently there has been a surge of people; I suppose one could say well meaning, however misguided men and women still with smiles wide holding signs claiming : I am a Christian and showing a designated church or denomination they hold to as true ; closing with the claim of I support abortion. Some say they are supporting the easing of suffering of the unborn into poverty and an over crowed world.  A leader of the last century used the same ideas when he explained his plan. A nation of well educated and hard working people bought it; praised it and embraced it.

One rose one God one way

One rose one God one way

These people claimed to follow Christ their leaders even invoked the gods as their own. However millions would soon die and no one knew, no one saw, all were silent. Oh there were some who spoke out, but they were reeducated retrained or executed.

So I choose to follow the ways as Paul calls it; the truths of Christ Jesus. Saying I am a Christian is become a difficult thing when I read the words written to the faithful come out of them do not accept their ways.

Now here is an oxymoron from my many ways: I am pro choice and I believe in Pro life, how can this be? Well it is simple before sex before conception one has the choice not to have sex the choice to use protection or as many of the foolish do simply make no decision at all and hope for the best.

But once conception has taken place it is the responsibility of all to insure that child has every opportunity at a full life.

I read these words the wages of sin is death, the child shall not be punished for the sin of the father. so my Christian brethren these are the words of God. You seem to disagree with him.

Murder is a choice Caine made when he did not get his way. So who do you really embrace who do you really follow?