Time to stand and choose

In recent years I have come to look more kindly on the Catholic community and the Catholic Church at large.While so many other denominations of the Christian community have bowed and accepted alternate life styles openly admitted that which is expressly forbidden in the Church, the Catholics has not. Now once again there is controversy over can and should a church a religious body have to pay for birth control and the other choice abortion on demand. The Government says they must,  in so doing the government body violates that very premise it has for almost three plus generations cried about so loudly in its destruction of Faith and Christ in the public arena, separation of Church and state. all the while promoting teaching and advocating Islam and Hinduism along with so many other eastern faiths. Some members of the Catholic church feel that the church is wrong for  making this stand for they feel they (the church ) are protecting what they call the holy sperm, where they get this idea I do not care to know,for each religion each group has hard well-defined tenants which are sacred, which are the core of their faith. One group will not take blood, still another will use no modern conveyance,  others will only dress in specific ways and others will not fight this list goes on and on.
No matter how some may try to make this issue into one of sperm verses egg it is not, it is about the right of all religious institutions to maintain their sanctity as  Holy institutions, to insure  their faith, their freedom to practice that faith without government intervention and threat of persecution. For this is an attack one which should be supported by all.


2 thoughts on “Time to stand and choose

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